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For all your car rental needs!!We have some of the most competitive prices around town.​We also do airport pick ups,​road trips,excursions and tours

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Know More About Us

This is located in Montego Bay Jamaica. The company is ran by two powerful Ceos who will make sure that your rental needs are taken care of no matter what.We will cater to your needs while giving you the lowest prices around town that is compared to no other company.

Why Choose Us

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Outstanding Services

We deliver nothing but the best customer service around town compared to none other.some of our services will extend pass just renting a car if the needs arrive because we want to remain the best..Ask about services like having a chauffeur and tour guide.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We have the lowest prices that you will ever see in your entire life and that's how to do it because you the customer is getting value for your hard earned money.

AT/MT Transmission Available

We have different choices that you can choose from so you can choose to relax or drive with your whole body.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I have rented cars from this company and I love it.They are friendly and the prices are right.

Kryssan Shaw - Satisfied Customer